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Molly is a multi gifted inspiration to people locally in her community & across the world. Through experiencing so many styles of yoga, workshops, travel, reiki and more Molly is able to share her talents in so many diverse ways. Whether you're looking for a crystal bowl sound healing, a meditation to tune in with the love of your divinity, a yoga class, delicious vegan meals, reiki or just over all great friendship, company & conversation, Molly Kubes is the one. She'll have you feeling lifted & vibrating at a frequency like never before. Words can only speak so much but it takes hearing Molly's voice or being in her presence to truly feel the authentic space that she operates from & I would highly recommend her to anyone I know!

- Anthony DiDomenico, Co-Founder at YogaFest

Molly radiates with positive energy. Her passion for Yoga shines through both on and off the mat. As an instructor she demonstrates the true essence and spiritual practice that is Yoga. Her ability to provide techniques that unite breath (pranayama), body (asana) and mind (Meditation) bring you a sense of connection and openess that resonate with you long after you leave her class.

- Jess Cazz, Student

As a teacher, student and friend, Molly fills each roll in my life with an easy loving flow. With every meeting, I find that I leave inspired, uplifted and feeling loved. Molly has a passion to share her love for life and she does it so expertly. I highly recommend that whenever you can be a part of a gathering or class with Molly that you jump at the chance!

- Debra Harding, Founder of Sacred Vibrations